Saturday, June 7, 2008

Worst day ever!

Today was the hardest day I've had in a very long time. I would have called the day off in a minute if I hadn't put so much money into the event. Cindy and I left in the rain at 5:30 a.m. to drive to Wellsville. The weather let up by the time we were there, but it was cool. I was never miserably cold, but the wind beat and battered us something fierce all day long. We thought for sure that when we reached Preston and turned around that the wind would be in our favor. Not so. How does it do that? It shifted at the same time and we had to battle the wind coming back as well. It started to rain after we ate around 1:30 and I called Clyde and encouraged him to come sooner rather than later. He and Cindy's husband, Jordan, were going to meet us at the finish line. Instead, they picked us up at mile 89. I was not too proud to get off my bike and pack it in. We had just passed LaRee's office, which was about the highlight of my day. Does that tell you anything? They changed the route from last year and we had several major climbs to make, which added to the pain of the wind. Oh well, I'm home now and the carpet is two thirds complete. It will be finished Monday. What added to my frustration of a miserable bike ride was my strong desire to be home cleaning up the cupboards that were finished late last night. I won't be doing anything to them tomorrow, so it will be Monday before I can start putting things away. I simply did not want to be biking today - poor timing on my part.