Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday of Week Four

Here is the action encountered today. The windows were supposed to be put in, but the weather caused them to delay it to Monday. Grrrr.. The big boxes are the kitchen appliances. They'll be put in tomorrow. For now they stay in the boxes. They are safer that way. The video is of the back splash in the kitchen. A real work of art.

We had a bit of a heart stopper this morning when Dad realized the center cabinet for the desk is indeed sitting on top of the counter top. So now where are you going to put your printer? scanner? and other toys??? I think Aaron was about ready to wring my neck. Dad had not really looked at the drawing, which shows clearly that was the plan. Camber came up with the ingenious idea of enclosing the "toys" inside the cabinet that is sitting on the counter top. Viola! It was an amazing idea. Everybody is happy - especially me. The unsightly things will be hidden. R2D2 is going undercover.


The Tarin Family said...

Wow! It's so beautiful! I want to see it in person so bad!
You're going to need to fix your video or post it in facebook, because it didn't work. It came up as unavailable.
It looks amazing though!
Love you!