Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cymony's assignment

Cymony tagged me with this assignment. I'll do the assignment, but I don't have anyone to tag who wasn't tagged at the same time. Sorry, Cymony.

3 Joys

  1. My family – I love being with any and all of them – my extended and my immediate.
  2. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ – I love reading the scriptures, pushing myself out of my comfort zone in sharing it and digging deeper than just reading for the nuggets.
  3. I find joy in watching the face of a child as he/she is being introduced to new things.

3 Fears

  1. Although I haven’t done it in the open waters yet, I’m somewhat fearful of breathing under water. I’ll do it when it’s time, but I’m not the one pushing for this adventure.
  2. Singing in front of people. I can do it, but it scares the soup out of me.
  3. Saying something that will offend or hurt someone. I’ll keep my mouth shut to avoid doing that, though it doesn’t always help.

3 Goals

I want to serve at least two missions before I’m too old to be useful.

I want to study the scriptures with Clyde regularly.

I wan to be the fun Grandma. That’s harder than it sounds.

3 Current Obsessions/collections

  1. Dejunking my home. I swear it is the most constipated house in the world. I don’t even know where to begin.
  2. I enjoy making temple aprons. I’ve made 9 – one for each of my daughters, granddaughters and daughter-in-law. If I don’t get anymore granddaughters, then I will give them really special young women who get married in the temple.
  3. Crocheting baby hats for the Humanitarian Center. It keeps me busy when my body has had it for the day.

3 Random Surprising Facts

  1. I love working outside (in the cool mornings), but hate working alone. Therefore I hate working outside. I absolutely loved digging in the dirt at my parents two weeks ago. I would love rich, brown dirt like that.
  2. I love waking up in the early morning. Nobody competes for those early morning hours and I can pretty much do what I want – usually.
  3. I made my first batch of bread at the age of 10 and found great pleasure in taking warm, homemade cinnamon rolls outside to the workers in our fields. I’ve been baking bread all my life and still find great joy in sharing it. Now that’s random.