Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tanner's Birthday

Well, I tried to do a repeat of the fun experience I had with Marissa, Desi and Tyler for Tanner's birthday. Somehow in his young eyes, he pictured that they had a better time than he had. So I failed something royal. You don't like to bring your grandchild home in tears. We had a fun time until we went to Chuck E Cheese's for pizza. My big mistake is in not notifying them that we are coming. He was fortunate that they did a birthday song, but it wasn't for our little party of two. Robyn and her boys were there with friends, and it was for their 3-year-old. Nonetheless, he marched around with them and joined in their little party. The hostess gave him a birthday crown after he told her it was also his birthday. I've decided it gets harder to "ring that bell" when the kids get a little older. I will need to set my boundaries before going in the future.