Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grandma Waldron

It's been an interesting week. Thursday I took the love seat up to Grandma and Grandpa's. They weren't home because Grandpa had a doctor's appointment. I picked Shauna up on my way up there so she could help me unload it. On our way home (in fact, just as we were arriving at Shauna's house) Grandma called saying Grandpa had suffered another mini stroke and they were in the hospital in Brigham City. I dropped Shauna off and headed up there to be with Grandma. They wanted to keep him overnight. We asked if he could be observed in the Tremonton hospital. They said sure. So we drove home and had lunch and then checked him into the hospital for the night. It seemed a bit weird. I finally asked what "observation" was all about. Oh, it's having his blood pressure checked every four hours. I have no idea what that cost them, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't cheap. Grandpa was disoriented somewhat. He didn't know the correct year. He started out in 1968. When I left Friday at 3:00 he had progressed to 1986. He told the doctor he was 5' 8" tall and weighs 150 pounds. I really don't think so. Maybe that was the case in 1986. When I left them, the technician giving him an echo cardiogram (along the same type of test as looking for the sex of your baby with a sonogram), he said he looked to be pretty healthy in the heart. Grandma did say he has a hole in his heart though - not a big one, but it is there. I'm not certain what they'll do. For now they are at home and taking it easy.

This is hard on Grandma. She is lonely. He is asleep most of the time. He is in no pain, which is a real blessing. But she could sure enjoy a little extra attention if anyone reading this is inclined to give her some. She lives and breathes for her email. She has dial-up connection and I can't see how she is even patient enough to use it. But it is all she has.

Well, that's about it. I just wanted to bring you current.

Dad and I went shopping at RC Willey today. We bought the kitchen table and chairs. Dad was firm on not wanting a bench with the table. I was a little disappointed. We also bought the living room furniture. I think it will really be nice. He was quite willing to let me do what I wanted. We bought a couch, love seat, coffee table and one side table, leather chair and a area rug. I think it will look really nice in there. They'll deliver them June 9th. We should be done by then. I hope.

Well, I also broke my bike this week - a week away from my next Century - Little Red Riding Hood on June 7th. Yikes! Well, when I came home Friday night, Dad had picked out one he wanted my approval on. Are you kidding me?!!!! I was so excited. I went for a 40-miles ride today and it was so fun. I ran into Alan Green and another friend. They let me ride with them. It was an absolute wonderful day.

Well, now that's it. I've written things I probably won't put in my weekly letter. So this is it. Love you all. Mom